Evelyn Milburn



Faculty Advisor: 

Tessa Warren

About Me:

In my free time, I knit, read science fiction and fantasy novels, attend the ballet and symphony, and play with my cat Miriel. I am also learning to repair bicycles and play the guitar.

Education & Training

  • B.A., University of California at Davis

Research Interests

I use eyetracking and behavioral methods to investigate several areas of sentence processing. In particular, I am interested in how verb-based selectional restrictions interact with event/world knowledge during language comprehension and prediction. I am also interested in figurative language, and am currently investigating how several different factors influence idiom comprehension. One of my current projects involves exploring how well-defined characteristics of verbs for example, temporal aspect or boundedness can illuminate how we think about idiom decomposability. My research involves a wide range of participants, from college-age students to healthy older adults to people with aphasia.