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Susan B. Campbell, Ph.D.
Professor Emerita, Psychology
Socio-Emotional Development; Parent-Child Relationships; Behavior Problems
Melinda Ciccocioppo
Lecturer, Psychology
Social-Cognitive Processes within Romantic Relationships; Gender
Jeffrey Cohn, Ph.D.
Professor, Psychology
Emotion; Social Interaction; Depression; OCD; Facial Expressions; Affect
Jennifer Cousins, Ph.D.
Lecturer II, Psychology
Social & Biological Changes of Sleep During Development; Emotion Regulation
Marc Coutanche, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Psychology
Cognitive Neuroscience of Learning; Memory & Perception
David Creswell, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Psychology, CMU
Stress; Self-Affirmation; Mindfulness; Emotions; Consciousness; Neuroscience
Jill M. Cyranowski, Ph.D.
Director, Clinical Psychology Center
Depression/Anxiety Treatment; Physiology of Stress & Depression in Relationships

Graduate Students

Zachary Caddick
Jorge Carvalho Pereira
Mary Caulfield
Linsah Coulanges