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Heather Bachman, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Applied Developmental Psychology
School Readiness; Achievement; Home & Classroom Processes; Low-income Families
Josefina Bañales, PhD
Assistant Professor, Developmental Psychology
Youth and families of color; youth critical consciousness; parent racial socialization, youth civic and political engagement; youth racial identity; anti-racism action
Scott Beach, Ph.D.
Director of Survey Research, UCSUR
Aging; Caregiver Stress; Elder Abuse; Technology for Aging/Disabled Populations
James Becker, Ph.D.
Professor, Psychiatry
Human Memory Disorders
Kevin Binning, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Psychology
Kathleen Blee, Ph.D.
Dean, DSAS
Identity Transformation; Affiliation with Political Extremism
Dana H. Bovbjerg, Ph.D.
Director of Biobehavioral Oncology, UPCI
Biobehavioral Factors in Oncology; Mind, Brain & Cancer
Celia Brownell, Ph.D.
Professor, Psychology
Early Prosocial Development; Social/Emotional Understanding; Socialization


Jonathan Beuten
Systems Administrator
Amy Bittner
Undergraduate Advisor
Beth Braunsdorf
Undergraduate Advisor

Graduate Students

Debbie Bitran
Lorraine Blatt
Mary Blendermann
Marissa Bowman