Parent Racial Socialization, Identity, and Psychosocial Functioning

Supervising Faculty:

Dr. Ming-Te Wang



Dr. Ming-Te Wang


Jackie Schall-Linn


Area of Research:  Social psychology/Developmental psychology


Description of Research:

We are looking for undergraduate students who are interested in gaining research experience working on a project examining the relationship between parental racial socialization practices and ethnic and racial identity, academic achievement, and psychosocial functioning (depression, self-esteem, engagement, anger, discrimination). Training will be provided for all phases of the project. It is a great opportunity to learn how to conduct a meta-analysis (research synthesis) from start to finish.


Duties of Students:

Undergraduate research assistants will assist in all phases of the research project: literature searching, article coding, analysis, and paper writing. Students are strongly encouraged to participate in paper writing as a coauthor with the professor. Students should be available at least 2 days per week. Total number of hours of participation per week will be 11-12 hours for 3 credits.


Additional Requirements:

  • Students should meet Departmental criteria for eligibility for directed research
  • A 2 semester commitment is required
  • Outstanding academic writing skills
  • Strong work ethic
  • Psychology majors are particularly encouraged to apply


Terms offered: fall and spring


Number of Students: varies by semester

Additional Information: Students should contact Dr. Ming-Te Wang and provide him with a resume, a short writing sample, and letter of interest.