We are a high-powered research department. Departmental faculty members are awarded more than $20 million in annual funding. This funding is used for basic and applied research than extends across the human lifespan, and considers both normative and disordered human behavior.


Productive and Impactful

Pitt ranks amongst the most elite institutions in the world for psychological and cognitive science research.


Relevant for Real World Problems

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Broad & Integrative: Behavior, Brain, and Body


Highly Collaborative & Interdisciplinary



Richly Resourced with World-Class Facilities


Supported behavioral methods include survey, observation, interview, protocol analysis, eye-tracking, reaction time/accuracy techniques.

Supported brain imaging methods include MRI, PET, MEG, ERP, ECoG, and NIRS technologies.

Supported physiological methods include assessment of stress reactivity, cardiovascular function, and immune function.


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