Bio-behavioral Research in Cardiovascular Psychophysiology

Supervising Faculty:

Dr. J. Richard Jennings


Dr. J. Richard Jennings

Area of Research: Biological Psychology and Psychophysiology

Description of Research: This research aims to measure the function of the cardiovascular system using non-invasive measures. The research aims to study aspects of cardiovascular function that may relate to biological and behavioral risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Research assistants will learn about cardiovascular anatomy and physiology, as well as methods for measuring cardiovascular function in the laboratory. 

Duties of Students: Duties include (1) helping to recruit and schedule subjects; (2) assisting the in the collection of self-report and physiological data, as well as (3) assisting in data reduction and analysis.

Students should be comfortable attaching electrodes to volunteers.  

Some background/interest in human biology would be of use.

Terms offered: Fall and Spring semesters

Number of Students: 2